Materials taken for disposal:
Municipal Solid Waste  $60.00 per ton ($20.00 min.) 
Construction & Demolition Waste $60.00 per ton ($20.00 min) 
  » Material transported to the Landfill of North Iowa (Cerro Gordo County) «
Materials taken for recycling:
Appliances $20.00 each
Electronics $15.00 each, and up 
Scrap Metal $10.00 per ton ($5.00 min.) 
Tires  $4.00 each, and up
12 Volt Batteries  No Charge 
Pesticide Containers $20.00 minimum (must be triple rinsed & tied)
Materials not accepted:
hazardous/toxic materials  liquids of any type yard and garden waste
trees and branches vehicles or large machinery large chunks of rubble 
friable asbestos  fluorescent tubes (businesses)  
Curbside Recycling Program is contracted with The Trash Man (Webster City).  
Telephone:  800-944-1118 or 515-832-5515 
Board Members
Wright County  Karl Helgevold   
 Clarion Mike Nail Executive Board 
 Belmond Earl Kalkwarf   
 Goldfield  Steve Whyte Chairman of the Board 
 Dows Ray Kracht   
 Rowan Berne Ketchum   
 Woolstock Chace Pruismann   
 Goodell Dixie Revland  Executive Board 
 Alexander Arlen Olson   
 Galt Jerry Cayler  Vice Chairman of the Board
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